This site was started on May 30, 2006 and has 76 users

What is it? GroupTrak is a social networking site that allows users to keep track of their friends' plans and contact information, so that they may be able to more effectively plan events.

What does it do? The structure of the site is built around groups. You can only be invited to join this site, and you will be automatically added to a group (specified by the inviter) when you register. As a user, you can create a profile that lists your contact information and personal information (like interests, favorite movies, etc.) You can also message all members of a group, send an email to all members of a group, search for users with similar interests, maintain and upload photos, create and invite users to events and more!

What's the idea? You can set a default group so you can view the members' status quickly when you login. It's easy to update your status - just type what you're up to for the day or the week and the program logs the current date and time and displays your status on the group page along with everyone else. This allows you to quickly check out what everyone is up to.

What else? You can upload photos and make photo albums to share with friends. You can also create events and invite users, which sends them an email and has them RSVP on the site. This way you can see who is coming and who hasn't responded yet.

Is my information private only to the people I know? Privacy is key. You can't view members of groups you're not in and you can't view a member's profile unless you are in a group with him or her. Therefore, your contact information is safe and secure, viewable only by those who know you.

How do I register? You can only be INVITED to join this site. The only way to register is to have someone who is already on the site invite you. IF you would like to setup an account for yourself and do not have a friend already on the site, email support(at)grouptrak(dot)net and ask for an account.